Monday, March 11, 2013

Rock Away My Blues

Tommy Brown

Imperial Records

Recorded in August 1957, in New Orleans, with accompaniment by Lee Allen, Red Tyler, Paul Gayten, Justin Adams, Frank Fields and Charles 'Hungry' Williams.  

Born Thomas Brown, 27 May 1931, Atlanta, Georgia

R&B singer, songwriter, dancer, comedian. Tommy Brown has been active in the music business for some 60 years, yet it is quite possible that you've never heard of him.

Tommy Brown, in the late 1940's and early 50's, was the feature vocalist for the Griffin Brothers. He recorded with them for the Dot label out of Gallatin, Tenn., then went solo on the Savoy label, and later recorded for King, United, Imperial, and with Groove as Little Tommy Brown. He was a major influence in late-40's Atlanta for the constellation of rising stars it had at the time, such as a young James Brown, Billy Wright, and Little Richard.

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