Saturday, September 10, 2016

The Crawl

The Rel-Yea's

The Crawl —Vocal, Jimmie Bolado     :    

Tu-Ber-Cu-Lucas And The Sinus Blues —Vocal, Jimm Bissett

Kaye 103*

San Antonio, Texas teen combo.  This is their last record (or one of their last?) on their own Kaye label after two singles on Wildcat (1960) and two on Kaye (1963).

"The Crawl" is a cover of the Ray Victorian**-penned song first recorded by Guitar Jr. (Goldband Records, 1958).  And "Tu-Ber-Cu-Lucas" is indeed the Huey Smith hit recorded on Ace Records (1959)

* see comment
**aka Ray Vict of "We Gonna Bop Stop" Rock fame

From left to right : Jim Frizzell, Jimmi Bolado, Eddie Guererro and Jimmy Bissett

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