Monday, December 23, 2019

Hey Little Girl

Tommy Moore

Hey Little Girl
Tommy Moore, Tweety Music & Skyrocket Music (BMI)

A Kelly Owens Production
Distributed nationally by Stroll Records
201 W. 49th St. - CO 5-9693

My Brother's Record Co.
Record No.103 C-O

Tweety Music
was owned by Kelly Owens. According to a mickey rat comment , active & always informative 45cat member :
I'm pretty sure Kayo was owned by Kelly Owens and affiliated with his Tweety Music publishing firm. Kelly Owens was a very busy pianist/arranger in New York in the 1950s and early '60s and was involved with countless R&B and pop sessions for Savoy, DeLuxe/King and Morty Craft's various labels, often in collaboration with producer Fred Mendelsohn. He was also part-composer of numerous songs, notably Elvis's "I Beg Of You" with Rose Marie McCoy. Earlier Kayo releases were distributed by Lou Krefetz's Poplar Records, but by this stage Morty Craft's United Telefilm was doing the job.
Skyrocket Music was owned by Bennie (or Benny) Clark. His full name was Benjamin Franklin Clark, a much obscure player on the New-York musical scene in the late fifties/early sixties.

Related labels:

For the record, the coat of arms found on the label is also seen on Kayo 101 (The Regents), Fountainhead 105 (Bobby Long), Sky-Rocket 107 (Danny Robinson) and Stroll 109 (Duke & The Ambers). This is (my own research) the coat of arms of...Venezuela.

According to Wikipedia :
The shield is divided in the colors of the national flag. In the dexter chief, on a red field, wheat represents the union of the 20 states of the Republic existing at the time and the wealth of the nation. In sinister chief, on a yellow field, weapons (a sword, a sabre and three lances) and two national flags are tied by a branch of laurel, as a symbol of triumph in war. In base, on a deep blue field, a wild white horse (perhaps representing Simón Bolívar's white horse Palomo) runs free, an emblem of independence and freedom.

Above the shield are two crossed cornucopias (horns of plenty), pouring out wealth. The shield is flanked by an olive branch and another of palm, both tied at the bottom of the coat with a large band that represents the national tricolour (yellow for the nation's wealth, blue for the ocean separating Venezuela from Spain, and red for the blood and courage of the people).
But after all, this surprising borrowing (probably an idea from Mr Clark) is not that intriguing, as his Stroll label also had as well a stroller copied probably from some New York cartoonist and a fountainhead on his Fountainhead label copied from an old 78 rpm from the Fountainhead Record Company

I've not been able to find any info of this Benny Clark (another and later Benny Clark musician is/was from Buffalo, New York).

There was a Bennie Clark who was the elevator operator at Ziegfeld's New Amsterdam Theatre, a Broadway theatre located at 214 West 42nd Street between Seventh and Eighth Avenues in the Theater District of Manhattan.  This Bennie Clark had been running the car for years, and he knew all the girls [of Ziegfeld].  Perhaps this is the same Bennie Clark? Perhaps he saw once (and liked it) the coat of arms on the door of the Consulate-General of Venezuela in New York City (located today at East 51st Street)?

Anyway, are you still there?, the song on flip is "You've Got To Reap What You Sow"

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