Monday, November 22, 2010

Handy Andy

Patti Mack

Handy Andy


Out of Mobile, Alabama, this Cinema label had only a few releases. Label owner was probably Jimmie Rogers who wrote the song and also owned the slightly bigger Astro label.

The late Jimmie Otto Rogers was the son of Jesse Rodgers an artist on the RCA Victor Bluebird label in the early forties,know also as "Ranger Joe" a #1 TV show produced out of Philadelphia in the early 50's and 60's. Jimmie's dad Jesse was also the cousin of the Famous Blue Yodeller the late Jimmie Rodgers.

He wrote many songs, some under the Jimmie Rogers Ainsworth alias, some in collaboration with Earl Lee (also known as Luke McDaniel), notably "Midnight Shift" (recorded by Buddy Holly), "Rock and Roll Angel" (recorded by Ray Smith on Sun) and "Foxy Dan" (Luke McDaniel).


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  1. another release on this Cinema label was the great teener:

    #103 - Bill Andress - A Love To Dream About