Thursday, November 11, 2010

You're Much Too Pretty For Me

Eddie Curtis

You're Much Too Pretty For Me

I'm giving up trying to figure out which Eddie Curtis is this Eddie Curtis. Because I've found so much confusing information during my research.

Gee (54), Okeh (55), Atco (56), Bear Cat (60), Parkway (61), Decca (61-62), Jell (65), Josie (66), Todd, Raftis and ABC are labels who released Eddie Curtis records. But it's quite possible that there is at least two or three different Eddie Curtisses!


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  1. Nice record. I'm guessing that the Eddie Curtis & Hellions "Leavin' Town" on Oriole (UK) 45 - 1852 (1963) was a British Artist & not this one?