Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Good Rollin'

Joe Usury and his Band
Jimmy Gresham

Good Rollin'

Boogie Records #102

Year unknown. Possibly late fifties.

Obscure record. Band leader Joe Usury is completely unknown, perhaps a pseudonym?. Jimmy Gresham is better known. He is featured in the excellent Sir Shambling's Deep Soul Heaven website HERE, but the rocking blues "Good Rollin'" is not listed. "Love and Devotion", the flipside of this Boogie record is listed by Sir Shambling on Right Groove, a mid-sixties release. Possibly a different version as the song is in two-parts on the Right Groove label.

The only other release on the Boogie label seems to be Little Arthur Mathews : Now you Got To Go / Let's Do The Slop (Boogie #101).

Little Arthur Mathews, singer/comedian and long-time member with the Johnny Otis show, was a good blues singer and cut "I'm Gonna Whale On You" with the Johnny Otis Band for Federal in 1955. In 1956 he cut the rocking "Hot Diggety Dog" as "Bad Bad Bulldog" for Dig 117. He worked as Dope in the comedy duo Mope and Dope. Later he worked with Skillet of Skillet and Leroy Fame.

That's all I know, I swear.


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