Sunday, July 17, 2011

Walking In The Rain

Walking In The Rain

wr.Frank Detrano, Abcoa Music ASCAP

Frankie Dee

Abco Records #1002

Arr. by Jerry Markoe

"Walking In The Rain" was first issued on the extremely rare Tee-Jay label (August 1961), out of Baldwin, Long Island, New York. It is not known if the Abco is a re-recording, but it's likely the case, as the Abco and Tee-Jay releases had different flipsides.

Jerry Markoe, the arranger, is the discoverer of astro music which is based on planetary positions and is the founder of astro musical research which produces astrology charts in music.

Born Gerald J. Markoe March 22, 1941, in Brooklyn, NY Jerry has conducted District 12 Orchestra at Lincoln Center, NY, for three years, performed with the New York Philharmonic as well as with the Manhattan School of Music orchestra and chorus. He has led and performed in dance orchestras, including those of Lester Lanin, Meyer Davis, Steven Scott, and the Noblemen as vocalist, guitarist and bassist under the name Jerry Markoe. He has also played in cocktail lounges and piano bars as a one man orchestra.

Frankie Dee (Frankie Detrano or De Trano) has written and produced at least two records issued on the Golden Crest subsidiary Shelley label, out of Huntington Station, Long Island :

Shelley 164 - Baby Sticks & The King Tones : Pigmy/ Ida, Sweet As Apple Cider (1962)
Shelley 185 - Augie Rios : Augie Stay Home / Lullaby (1963)

He is not the Frankie Dee on Future and RCA (real name : Frank DiPaola) . And the Frankie Dee on 20th Fox may well be a third Frankie Dee...


  1. Is this the same ABCO that issued ABCO 45 - 1002 Lincolns - "Night Drag" any idea of location or dates of issue? Cheers Dean

  2. Dean, not the same label. The Lincolns are on the Abco label out of Florida, produced by Jack Gillen (Provencher and S&S recording artist) and Frank Linale, who owned a studio in Miami.

    Frankie Dee single is from February '62 or later. I've not find yet the location. Almost certainly New-York (Long Island perhaps).


  3. Thanks Bob your super computer of informations on these small labels.

  4. There also seems to be a ABCO (IL) label which issued Blues & Doo-Wop with a 100 101 102 103 104 105 106 107 number system

  5. Frankie DeTrano issued another record on ABCO:

    Darling Arlene / Guy Crazy (Abco #1 / 1962)

    the version of "Darling Arlene" on ABCO #1 is a different version than the one on TEE-JAY so it's probably another version of "Walking In The Rain" that was issued on ABCO #1002 too.