Saturday, July 23, 2011

Needles And Pins

The Monarchs

Needles And Pins

(Bono-Nitzsche, Metric BMI)

Roman Records
A division of Northwest Sound Co.
14958 Ardmore, Detroit Michigan


NOTE: link is dead, have another one HERE


  1. I like this version! Do you know if a cleaner copy has ever been comped?

  2. Holly, I'm glad you like it.

    Not available on any compilation as far as I known. Cheers.

  3. Interesting version, a bit raw.

    Here's a bit about the Northwest Sound Co. taken from the Soulful Detroit Blog. I'm not sure of Jody's last name.

    "Jody lived with his parents upstairs and his studio was in the basement of the house, it had a small control room with a Ampex 351-2 track,he also had a little dub cutter and the studio was just one 9X12 room but he did have good ears and got a pretty good sound for that set-up, sometimes he would press records on his own Northwest Sound label for people paying to make their own record...he operated there for quite a long time from about 1960 into the 70's."
    I guess he also suffered from cerebral palsy which caused him to move rather slow.

    Can anybody fill me in on Jody's last name?

  4. Anyone know a live link to download?