Saturday, November 17, 2012

51st And Broadway

Genie Pace
The Midtowners

Jade Records
Musical direction : Frank Metis

Genie Pace
From the cover of her Bright LP

After high school Genie Pace took a job as a typist at CBS and while working there in 1953, Gene became interested in the Roller Derby. She soon was quite a fan with  a growing wish to be an active skating part of the thrilling sport. 

During the same period a pianist, friend of her father, heard her sing and found much that he liked and recommended her to Jimmy Rich, a vocal coach. Genie took vocal lessons with him during two years in 1953-54... 

She was signed to Jade Records in 1957.  

There were more records later on Dery ("Just Counting Stars", 1960),  Capitol ("La Pachanga", 1961), Jade again ("Balling The Jack Twist", 1962) and a LP on the Bright label.


  1. I wonder if she ever fulfilled her dream of skating in the roller derby?

    1. Yes, she did. See Banked Track Memories website. She's listed here as one of the skaters :

      Recent photo of her, at a rollers reunion, is here :