Friday, December 12, 2014

Scratchin' On My Screen

Feelin' Joyous

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Ric Cartey-Larry Handley
Lowery Music

El Rico 069 1/2

A reworking of the song recorded four years earlier by Ric Cartey on NRC.  Feelin' Joyous is quite possibly Ric Cartey himself.  The song, written by Cartey, was loosely based on the old country blues "Diggin' My Potatoes".  The P.O Box on label is the address of the Lowery Music Company. 

Carole Joyner and Ric Cartey

Ric Cartey will be remembered as the co-writer of "Young Love". Few songs have charted in so many different versions. Alongside the chart-topping renditions of Sonny James and Tab Hunter, there were hit versions by The Crew Cuts (# 17, 1957), Lesley Gore (# 50, 1966), Connie Smith & Nat Stuckey (# 20 country, 1969), Donny Osmond (# 25, 1973) and Ray Stevens (# 93, 1976).

Ric Cartey was a protégé of the Atlanta-based music publisher and record producer Bill Lowery, who launched the Stars label in 1956 with Cartey (and his group the Jiv-A-Tones) as his principal artist. Ric's debut single, "Ooh-Ee", was reviewed in the C&W section of Billboard (November 24, 1956) and scored a 90, a rating rarely given. "A unique listening experience", wrote the reviewer. Hidden on the backside of this rockabilly number was a ballad in a completely different style, "Young Love", which Cartey had written together with his girl friend, Carole Joyner.   

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