Friday, October 9, 2015

Let's Have A Party

Susy Rose

Let's Have A Party

Sur-Speed Records

Susy Rose was seven year-old at the time of her first record (this one).  Her picture above is from the cover of a later album from the mid-seventies.  She also recorded for Rosette, Starr and Rome Records.  Originally from Prospect, Ohio, she is possibly now Sue Michael of  Worthington, Ohio.


  1. Remember her in the old hollow inn in mccutionville ohio

  2. Susy lived across the street from my grandma in Prospect. Grandma would always have her sing Harper Valley PTA.
    I just watched Masked Singer and my wife was talking about how someone sang at a young age and reminded me of Susy, so I did a Google search.
    Susy, I hope all is going well with you, take care.