Sunday, October 25, 2015

(We Love) TV and Radio


(We Love) TV and Radio

I'll Go On Waiting

TNT Records 600
An Edward Green Production
A.D.T. and Tam Jay Music BMI

Undocumented RnB female vocalist, Metrojean had at least another record on New Sound in 1963 (Mama Let Me Do It My Way / Two Strangers).  You can listen to "Mama" on YT here

A.D.T. Enterprises
was incorporated in 1956 in New York City by Warren Troob, an attorney and a good friend of D.J. Alan Freed.  .  TNT, its subsidiary label was perhaps (partly?) operated by Teddy Troob, son of Warren Troob.

TNT Records discography (1963 or later)
A product of A.D.T. Enterprises, Inc.  NYC 10019
101 The Rubbies
Wobble With Me Baby / Zing! Went The Strings

113 Shonnie
(Summer is the) Time For Love / Sunset

520 Ernie Barry And Marie Elena (64)
Name Game (Italian Style) / Sweet Bella Bambina
600 Metrojean
(We Love) TV and Radio / I'll Go On Waiting


  1. Could this be Metrogene Myles, who sang Suffer on Herald records in 1964? Sure sounds like her....

    1. Thanks french yak. You are certainly right!

  2. My father wrote TV and Radio. Wow! I was looking for this.