Friday, December 11, 2015

Answers From The Bottle

Little Leon Payne

 Geneni Records TG-003
 Arranged By Vic Lance
Producer T.V. Mikel's
  T.V. Mikel's Film Productions, Inc.
This is Albert Leon Payne, son of Dusty Payne, His father recorded two collectible rockabilly singles in 1956-1957.  Little Leon started recording when he was 9 or 10, toured, played for years and.retired from music around 2000.  "Answers From The Bottle" was previously recorded by Sonny Leonard for Radco Records (produced by Dusty Payne, 1963)

Little Leon Payne Discography
DACO 701 : History Of Love / King Of The Hills (1962)
RADCO 703/704: Cindy Lou / I Like Girls (1962, With The Playmates)
GENENI 003-004 : .Hard Row To Hoe / .Answers From The Bottle (1966)
BEN HUR 711  : Hard Roe To Hoe / Angel Judy (as by Leon Payne, date unknown)
Vic Lance, the arranger, had the only other record known on the Geneni label.  Born in 1939 in Baltimore, Maryland, USA as Victor Lewis Lance, he was an actor and composer, known for Weekend Lovers (1969), Lila (1968) and The Exotic Dreams of Casanova (1971).  See

Ted V. Mikels (born Theodore Mikacevich in 1929, in St. Paul, Minnesota) is a filmmaker primarily of the horror cult film genre. Movies that he has both produced and directed include Girl in Gold Boots (1968), The Astro-Zombies (1968), and The Doll Squad (1973).   One of his first movie, The Black Klansman (a.k.a. I Crossed The Color Line),  did well at the box office, and was successful enough for Mikels to start his own distribution company: Geneni Film Distributing.   Released in 1965 — a time when public interest in civil rights was at its peak — the film is about a black man who infiltrates the Ku Klux Klan trying to learn who killed his daughter.   In true exploitation fashion, the film features plenty of interracial bed-hopping.

Billboard ad, 26 November 1966
Address of Geneni Records is the address of the MGM studios, where T.V. Mikels had an office

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  1. Good stuff! There was also an older guy named Leon Payne who was a Country singer. Different dudes, though... SORT OF.