Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Do The Kuryakin

Ann Boleyn
Do The Kuryakin
S. Holtzman - V. Holtzman, Langtry BMI
Mammoth Records 821
This was possibly recorded in Houston by Scott Holtzman and his wife Vivian.

Formerly operating in Los Angeles, Mammoth's vice-president and general manager James Wright moved his music label business to the less studio-competitive San Francisco in July 1962. There, the label recorded and released product to at least 1966.

Houston music columnist Scott Holtzman, whose weekly column, “Now Sounds,” in The Houston Post, gave invaluable print exposure to the city’s burgeoning music scene and youth culture.   Holtzman, with his wife, Vivian, would go on to produce and manage Houston’s psych/pop band, Fever Tree.  


  1. This appears to be a novelty tune aimed at the "Man From Uncle" fan base, of the mid 60's. One of the characters in the TV series was named Illya Kuryakin, played by actor David McCallum. In this song the swooning female vocalist is chanting his name in an erotic, sensual plea for his affection.

  2. This is downright scary. Thank you!

  3. Ha! Early fan fiction in vinyl form!!
    Larry, New Orleans