Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Gran'Ma Doing The Bird

Four Roses And A Thorn

Gran'Ma Doing The Bird (part 1)

O-Job-Co Records 001/002

Composers are Oletha and Benny Curtis. The song was published by Titanic Music, a publishing company owned by Rudy Harvey, Los Angeles disk jockey (KGFJ and KDAY)

Born in Dover, Oklahoma in 1929, Oletha Jane House married Curtis B. Oliver in 1951. They came from Wichita, Kansas to Los Angeles in 1957 . She was a florist and was working as the secretary of the All American Youth Foundation of which she was co-founder.   She died in 1985.

Curtis B. Oliver, also known as Benjamin Curtis Oliver, recorded as Benny Curtis for Bridges, Soul Galore, Dynamite and Resist, and as Benny C. Oliver with The Mellow Men on his own Ojobco label.

Lead vocalist on this record is possibly Oletha.

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