Friday, October 7, 2016

Busy Bee Buzz Buzz Buzz

Ray Paul Trio
Finger Ride
Nilda Dale
Busy Bee Buzz, Buzz, Buzz

DES 45-301

The mastermind behind this record was a Rhode Island songwriter named Louis Anthony Des Granges.   On the flip  Busy Bee Buzz Buzz Buzz (also known as Busy Bee Buzz Buzz Buzz Buzz Buzz)  is sung by Nilda Dale, whose real name is Nilda Des Granges born in 1925 and still alive not so far ago and still living in Providence, Rhode Island, wife or sister of the composer, I reckon.

Louis A. Des Granges seems to have been a reasonably active composer since at least the end of the forties, using various pseudonyms, such as Lou Granges,  Des Louis or Lou Granger :

Deep In My Heart (1947); Love Alone (1949),  Jumpin ' Jack (1963) Mister And Missus (1964), Would You Mind (1968, recorded by Buddy Arden Dot Records), Cleo, The Funny Bunny (With The Funny Yellow Tail) (1969 and 1977)  and If I Should Ever (1970)

Surely, it may be only a coincidence, but I've found a charming " Cleo, The Funny Bunny" sung by Cathey Conte on the website of The Fabulous Gabriel "a self contained singer/song writer who has been performing his original songs for years throughout this country and abroad." 
The Fabulous Gabriel was born in 1948, he is a graduate with a masters degree in music and history from (incidentally) Rhode Island College.  The Fabulous Gabriel has recorded in 1988 "Somewhere Elvis Is Smiling" and wrote more recently "Marilyn Monroe The Lost Diary"   But that "Cleo, The Funny Bunny" surely it's a different song.

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