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Lynn Taylor


Lincoln Chase, Music Of Today, Inc. (BMI)

Coral 9-61726

Lynn Taylor was born Patricia Elaine Foutty (or Fowdy) in 1937.

Lynn Taylor had sung in public as a teenager in Philadelphia; she had just this single on Coral in 1956 and frequented jazz clubs during the 1950s, performing at popular nightspots like the Village Vanguard in Greenwich Village and Birdland in the heart of N.Y., in addition to singing for the Benny Goodman and Buddy Rich bands in '57 and '58.   
Strictly speaking, Taylor---aside from her recordings with the Rooftop Singers--- made one-and-third LPs, for she appears as a guest jazz vocalist on a recording by US TV comedian Ernie Kovacs. 

There was one full album which came on "Grand Award Records" ("I See Your Face Before Me") in 1957 as a result of the son of songwwiter Arthur Schwartz.   Jonathan Schwartz was friends with Taylor and it was he who introduced her to his father's music and caused the album to be recorded. 

In November 1961 Lynn Taylor married Skip Weshner a radio DJ prominently involved in early 1960s New York folk scene.  In 1962,  she was a founding member of The Rooftop Singers: the other members being Erik Darling and Bill Svanoe.   The trio were an American progressive folk singing group   best known for the hit "Walk Right In". Even though the Rooftop Singers were a trio, the real star here, at least in the sense that she sets them apart from scores of other guitar picking folkies, is Lynn Taylor.

After the group's hit single "Walk Right In" in early 1963, Lynn moved with her husband to California and never recorded again, as far as I known.

Lynn Taylor, according to her daughter, shot herself in the head April 21rst 1979.  But biographical details are scarce and vague, notably the exact circumstances of her suicide.

What was your secret, foxy lady?

Note: Lynn Taylor on Clock, Hawk and Jua-Thel Records is a different artist

The Rooftop Singers : Froggie Went A Courting

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