Saturday, February 4, 2017


Ada Maria

A.C. Pena, Poco Loco Music
Flamingo Records #5002
late sixties?
Xocquitumi was copyrighted on 1 Aug 1968 by Flaco Music Co. and was also recorded by Ray Avila on the El Monte label (see 45cat)

There was an early Flamingo label (also pink, not surprisingly) in the West Coast (Kim and Grim, Flamingo 501,  1965)   but probably a different label.

Poco Loco Music, as were Padua Music and Tamkoda Music, was part of Faro Music Publ'g owned by Edward L. Davis, better known as Eddie Davis


  1. Flamingo 45 - 540 : Four Hits & A Miss accomp. By The Centuries - She Wobbles (All Night Long) (1962)

    jersey Music Publ. Top Ten Music BMI (1032) Gues this is a (OH) label?