Sunday, October 2, 2016

Hey Little School Girl

Artie Lewis

Hey Little School Girl

arranged and conducted by
Richard Wess

Atco 45-6169

Probably the son of Artie Lewis, one of Miami Beach's affluent hotel men and cabana owners, Artie recorded this single in 1959 but for some reason it was issued only one year after its recording.

In 1958, Artie Lewis got his recording start on Oklahoma Records, a short-lived subsidiary of Hollis Music , a New York BMI publishing house run by Howard S. Richmond.   In 1959, around the same time as his Atlantic session, there was "Alone, All Alone / Why Don't They Believe Us" on Fling Records (a Fury Records subsidiary), songs also issued the following year on Kenco Records.

At the end of 1960,"16-year old  Artie Lewis of Drexel School," was in very low budget movie directed by Joe Rodero titled Bandstand Idol.   Also starring in the movie were Bill Wyler, Blanche Deveraux, George Florido, Candi Scott (aka Candi Casino)  and the South Florida band, The Flying Tornadoes.  There is VERY little information about this movie around the internet.

Later In the sixties, he was Arty Lewis on Hawk Records (Left Over Lovin' / What's A Fellow Gonna Do), Artie Lewis again on  Rust Records (Ain't that alright / I Wonder, 1964) and Loma Records (Falling (In Love With You) /Ain't No Good) in 1967.

For a picture of young and good looking Artie Lewis, see the picture sleeve of his Fling record HERE

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