Friday, March 10, 2017

Rock 'n Roll Music

Bob Lenox
with the Promenade Orch. & Chorus

Rock 'n Roll Music


Budget label, a product of Synthetics Plastics Company of Newark, New Jersey.
Bob Lenox, whoever he really was, got his assumed name when he did first a Hula Love cover, originally a hit for Buddy Knox, for Promenade Records.

That was the gimmick often used at Promenade, recording sound-a-like covers of the hits of the day, and billing the singer-for-hire with a moniker vaguely reminding the original.  That's how you can find on Promenade such artists as John Garrison (Wilbert Harrison, Kansas City), The Grasshoppers covering The Crickets, Dottie Gray covering Doris Day, Dick Stetson (Stood Up, Ricky Nelson), or even Eli Whitney (Elvis Presley)

Bob Lenox, who are you really?


  1. I assume this - and likely some of them you mentioned - were recorded by Carl Burckhardt at Rite. If I'm not mistaken, this version of "Rock and Roll Music" was also released on Gateway under the name of "Happy Harris."

  2. also Promenade (NJ) EP - Hit 24 V/A