Saturday, March 25, 2017

Dance With The Drummer Man


Dance With The Drummer Man
Duane Eddy, Lee Hazelwood
Linduane,  BMI

Surfs Up
Legends, Dunes, BMI

Doc Holiday Records 107

45cat (fredhoyt)
Picture Sleeve
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The Legends : two saxes, three guitars and one drums : Ron Anderson, Brad Ritter, Doug Donoghue, Sherman Koons, Frank Silva & Pat Shew (not necessarily in that order on the picture).  Perhaps not band regular members, the girls on vocal duty on Dance With The Drummer Man are not credited on label and not pictured on the sleeve. Too bad.

The largest record company in the world (below sea level) was owned by Irvin "Doc Holiday" Smith (1931-2009), from Charleston County, South Carolina.  Doc Holiday was a disc jockey on various radios and later a show host in Las Vegas, Nevada.  He was with KREO, Indio, Calif. when in 1962 he started his own label, releasing about eight singles in 1962 and 1963.   In his last few years, Irvin Smith owned and operated Payless Tires on Jefferies Blvd. in Walterboro (South Carolina)

Doc Holiday label listing :
101 Bobby Verne
102 Gale Davis
103 Jimmy Doyle
104 Diplomats
105 Barry Richards
107 Legends
108 Johnny Royal

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  1. This song is outrageous! Thanks so much for sharing. As a Duane Eddy fan, it put a smile on my face. Always enjoy your blog. Thanks for all the work you put into it. It often brightens my day to find the curios you post, each of which has a fascinating story. For instance, as I live in South Texas, I was quite interesting to read about Chano. I know exactly where the Pleasure Pier is in Galveston, and I was imagining a club date of his in the early 60's as I was listening....