Friday, March 17, 2017

Mack The Knife

Jeff Gray

Mack The Knife

From the LP  'Live...In Concert At Saltair' issued by Kall 910, a local radio station in Salt Lake City, Utah.  In the mid/late 1970's they released a number of LP oddities.

From the liner notes :
Those who witnessed Jeff's Farewell Concert at Evergreen Junior won't forget him, and neither will owners of this Album, his parents, the truant officer, the drum teacher (who is now in a Home), nor I.

Jeff has a rare talent, that magic spark, for doing the dumbest thing at the worst possible time.  I see his creative genius on a giant Caterpillar Tractor perched at the top of a huge hill.  It could sit there forever.  But let's look at the bright side of it. Jeff doesn't have any inspirations to medical school.

And if you want to start a Jeff Gray Fan Club, go right ahead.  Jeff's favorite color is carrots, he likes to ride his motorcycle inside empty swimming pools in the winter, and he likes medium-sized crowds

Lee Barker

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  1. Oh, God, Oh GOD, why can't I ask -- NO, BEG you for the entire LP download???
    IIIIiiiiiiii ---> gotta have it
    gotta have it
    gotta have it
    gotta have it gotta, gotta, gotta HAVE IT.