Monday, September 10, 2018

My Lover

Sugar And Sweet

Cozette and Marshall Morris were Sugar And Sweet.  Besides that, I can't find much about this duet, despite some ten records issued in the sixties and seventies.   Their discography can be found here (n.b. the Excello single issued in 1956 is probably not by them).  Mel Alexander wrote both sides (and possibly produced the record), while James Carmichael was the arranger.

The duo was managed in the mid-sixties by Charles Cascales.  This is the same booking agent who, in 1974,  was accused in a federal indictment of passing off several female quartets as The Shirelles.  Part of the undoing began when the bogus Shirelles were playing in Phoenix and Omaha, while at the same time the real Shirelles were entertaining 20;000 fans packed into Madison Square Garden.  Most of the bogus groups were Mexican-Americans and sometimes a white was thrown in for good mesure. [see Jet Magazine, 18 April 1974)

"Cool It Baby", the flipside, can be found at YT.


  1. I have the last name as Casales rather than Cascales. He went as Chuck Cabot & I knew him from about late 1965 until his passing in 2007. He booked our band on a few gigs in late '65 - early '66 & then he got in touch again around the late 80s & occasionally booked us. He often booked fake oldies groups and was heavily involved int he DeVille label with many releases. I have much more related info.

    1. Hi Gary. Last name is Cascales. See his obit here :