Wednesday, September 12, 2018

You Ain't Gonna Get It

Ellen Sutton  had relocated to the West Coast at age 17 in 1941 from her native Pittsburgh to appear on Gene Autry's radio show.  That year she also recorded for Columbia's Okeh subsidiary  as Ella Sutton.  In 1943, the young vocalist, reportedly 240 pounds, was teamed with The Prairie Pioneers for the Camel Caravan musical show which toured the Western States in 1943. 

Camel Caravan (in tribute to the sponsor's product, Camel cigarettes),  a regular series of country music tours to stateside military bases, was organized by Nashville promoter J.L. Frank along with Grand Ole Opry manager Harry Stone,.

In the early fifties, Ellen Sutton had several records with pianist Sir Hubert Pimm.  On this Kem recording from 1952
she's backed by Sam Weiss on drums, Buddy Cole on piano, Barney Kessel on guitar and Paul Sarmento on bass.  There was a last (?) record on Kem, "You Can't Buffalo Me" in 1953 also with the backing of Sir Hubert Pimm.

What happened to her after 1953 is not known.

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