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Obscure group on the equally obscure Carthay label.  The Galaxys 45 is rare, that's all about I can say about them. 

Incorporated in January 1959, Carthay Records, first located at 1614 N. Argyle in Hollywood,  released their first release in April 1959,  an unreleased master recorded the previous summer by the thrush Mimi Harp and heavily promoted by KLAC radio. According to Cash Box, August 16, 1958
     . . . To help bring talent to the attention of record companies,
    radio  station KLAC-Hollywood, Calif, inaugurated a “Sun-
    day Scoop” series Sunday, Aug. 3rd, with a spin every 15
    minutes from 6 a.m. to 7 p.m. of an unreleased master record.
    The first waxing to get the treatment was “Going To Heaven
    Ridin’ a Mule”, recorded by Mimi Harp. Total plays were 52 for the period.
Shortly after the first release, Carthay moved not too far at 1608 N. Argyle and issued five more singles in 1959 and 1960.  A last release, five years later oddly enough, were on a Denver, Colorado band, The Fogcutters, record which was leased to Liberty Records.

Carthay label discography

101      Mimi Harp    
A - The Morning After (The Night Before) (Winn, Gould, Lidville BMI)
B -  Goin' To Heaven (Ridin' On A Mule) (Joe Lilley, Mark Warnow ASCAP)
     Arranged And Conducted by Danny Gould
     Promotion :  Irwin Zucker
     Master purchased (but not issued?) by Ed Brown prexy of Mun Rab Records

102      Zola And His Horn
A - The Slide (H. Winn, Moonbeam Music Co. BMI)
B - Marching To The Coliseum (E. Alperson Jr., N. Malkin, Fairlane Music, Lansdowne Music (ASCAP)

103      The Galaxys
A - Jelly-Bean (Dwight Davis, Moonbeam Music Co.)
B -  A Lover's Prayer (Robert Robertson, Moonbeam Music Co.)

104      Mickie Adrienne
A -  I'll Remember Johnny (Walter Straub, Moonbeam Music Co)
B -  Mr. Heartbreak (R. Freed, B. Weber  , Fairlane Music ASCAP)

105      Johnny Prophet
A -  (I've Got) Two Arms (Winn-Gould, Lidville Music Co BMI)
B -  Find A Penny (Winn-Gould, Lidville Music Co BMI)
Arranged And Conducted By Danny Gould

110      Bob Grabeau (1960)
A - (I'm Gonna) Be You (Alperson-Winn, Fairlane Music Corp. ASCAP)
B - Passing By (Alperson-Winn, Fairlane Music Corp. ASCAP)

777      The Fogcutters (1965)
A - You Say  (Eric Karl Circle Seven BMI)
B - Cry, Cry, Cry!  (Don Cameron, Circle Seven BMI) 
           Leased To Liberty Records, Issued on Liberty 55793

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