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Born in Memphis, Tennessee around 1935 Charles Jones, better known as Jeb Stuart, had a long musical career.  From the beginning of his career, Stuart seems to have oriented himself toward the white audience. He grew up idolising Billy Eckstine, Nat King Cole, Elvis, Fats Domino, and Little Richard, and left Memphis to study at the Chicago Conservatory of Music under Frank Lavere, one of the writers of Nat King Cole's hit ''Pretend''.  This Zale single is missing from his various  discographies available online.

While in Chicago and before he came back to Memphis, he recorded these four singles :
My Dearest Treasure / My Silent Heart  ~ WING 90068 -1956 (As Charles Jones)
Bring Down The Curtain / Playboy  (As Charlie Jones)   ZALE 1301-21957
You Forgot About Me / All Broken Up ~ (As Jeb Stuart) MAESTRO 1004/5   1959
Ichaban Josan / What A Beautiful Face ~ (As Jeb Stuart) SHAR 2 - 1959
Also, while in Chicago, Charles Jones/Jeb Stuart managed Faith Taylor & The Sweet Teens (Federal and Bea & Baby Records).

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