Sunday, March 10, 2019


Dean Hudson and His Scholars

Lyrics by Dean Hudson

A special release on the Valley's Meadowlark label which has exactly the same design than Valley, except it has the bird added on the left.  The Valley Meadowlark label wasn't used again until a release by The Hoopers in 1958. 

Valley Publishers, owned by Jack Comer, a man whose imagination and knack for promotion, was pushed  to one of the top publishers in the country and western field. Comer’s firm startled the trade in mid-1953 by coming up with the hit “Crying In The Chapel” [Darrell Glenn, Valley#105] less than a month after the Valley firm was founded.

When he was a barefoot newsboy on Knoxville’s Gay Street, Jack Comer used to pick up a few nickels and dimes by dancing the Charleston in front of a certain theatre. The theatre owner ran him away repeatedly, but Jack always came back, with a bigger audience. The movie man gave up the idea of running the boy off, so put him to work inside—on the stage, dancing the Charleston. 

Few years later, the theater man, Jack’s childhood benefactor, worked for Comer at Deane Hill Country Club. The Country Club was another of Jack’s brainstorms which grew like Topsy until it became one of the largest in the South.

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