Thursday, December 5, 2013

Snake In The Grass

Jimmy Carroll and The Boy Friends 
Snake In The Grass

James Carroll-Gary Wright
Elysian Music Corp. BMI
Produced and directed By Ralph and Sid Glaser
Arranged And Conducted by Gary Randy

Glaser Hollywood GH-1000

November 1960

Possibly the same Jimmy Carroll who recorded "Big Green Car" on Fascination

Glaser Hollywod, divison of Elysian Music Corp New York City, was owned by Ralph and Sid Glaser.   This short-lived label had few releases in 1960-1961 (see discography below).  The label main musical talent was arranger and conductor Gary Randy, also known as Gary Harrison, Harry Nivens, Harry Nivins, Harry E. Nivens and Harry Edward Nivens.

Harry Nivens was from Detroit.  He managed The Royal Holidays, The Royaltones and Melrose Baggy  (real name: David R. Sanderson, a former member of The Royaltones). 
The earliest mention of Harry Nivens is found is in a book published in 1951 "A Salute to the Chaplain; a Day With a Far East Command Hospital Chaplain" :

The two pianists are Sgt. Harry Nivens, a patient, and Red Cross worker Virginia Kershaw of Fort Payne, Ala. The coffee hour group, including Chaplain Ellenberg, really loosen up and hit the rafters with some old song favorites under the spell of the two talented keyboard artists.
Sergeant Nivens, from Detroit, who has served with the 24th Infantry Division, is an up-and-coming song writer who supplied the music for one of the Occupation's hit shows, "Opportunity Knocks." Some of his songs have been recorded by Columbia Records. Harry plays the Hammond organ sometimes for the chaplain at his services. His is a very cheerful disposition, and he's good medicine for his fellow patients. The chaplain speaks highly of Harry.
Among the various Harry Nivens contributions to Detroit music (as writer, arranger and/or producer) :
  • Sandy Evans on Drummond
  • The Monitors on Circus
  • The Royal Holidays on Penthouse
  • Marco Hammon on D-Town
  • Johnny Cruise on Jaro
  • Cally Dodd on Calico
  • The Towers on Stuart
  • Don McKenzie on Ridge
  • Johnnie Mae Matthews on Reel (and Sue)

Glaser Hollywood discography

PM-1000 (Also on Rose-C 3342)
Linda Chanfer
Exactly Like You / My Own Angel Love

Jimmy Carroll & The Boy Friends
Snake In The Grass / Shy Boy

Bruce Lenox
Seventeen Years / Youthful Desire

Becky Baines
All Of My Life / Loved


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