Monday, December 9, 2013

Bye Bye

Rubin Wright

R. Wright -L.Lovett
Lancer Music BMI
Lancer 101
 Distributed by Gone Records
November 1958
The Capris, Gotham Recording Artists
Rubin (or Ruben) Wright, front
From West Philly, pianist, songwriter and singer Rubin Wright recorded in the early fifties for Gotham Records as a member of The Capris.   His discography (solo career only) can be found at Sir Shambling website HERE.   
Lancer Records was owned by Lee Hasin in Philadelphia. The label had only a handful of releases in 1958-1959 (The Rosebuds, Don French and The Twins) mainly distributed through Goldner's Gone Records.

L. Lovett credited here as one of the songwriters is Leroy Lovett, a jazz pianist, arranger and composer. Both, Rubin Wright and Leroy Lovett recorded previously for Sid Pastner's Wynne Records.

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