Sunday, December 29, 2013

Oh Carol

The Musicasters

Musicasters 9135

Flip is a version of "Talk To Me" (Little Willie John, King Records, 1958)
Band formed by Benton Harbor high school students (and members of the American Federation of Musicians Local 232), the Musicasters have appeared in Chicago, Grand Haven, Three Rivers and the Twin Cities in the years 1963-1965.

In the summer of 1963, they were opposed to The Playmates (*)  in a Battle of the Bands, hosted by Jan Gabriel, motor sports announcer known for his signature phrase "Sunday! Sunday! Sunday!" used to promote the US 30 Drag Strip events in Northwest Indiana.  Jan Gabriel did much more for Chicago area media than just promote weekend races on commercials.  In the early 60's, he was a night time rock & roll DJ for WJOB in Hammond -- a "screamer" much like Dick Biondi. He would emcee and DJ dances around the northwestern IN and Chicago's south suburbs.

(*)  The Playmates : South Bend band changed their name to the Rivieras, after the then-popular Buick car, broke through music's top 10 charts with the song "California Sun," released in 1963.

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